Top Water Storage Tanks

  • Contain CGS Model 1504
  • Durable 25 Mil Black PVC Liner
  • Roof Ladder / Inspection Hatch
  • Side Roof Manway
  • Exterior Ladder with Lock Off Panel
  • Osha Ladder Safety Cage
  • 6'' Anti Vortex Outlet Assembly
  • 6" T-Flange Overflow Assembly

Water and Wild Fire Storage Tanks

Project: Seattle Tunnel Project

Location: Seattle, WA

Application: Model 6604 Contain CGS Open Top Water Storage Tank.

System: Contain CGS Open Top Model 6604 - 371,737 Gallons including: 3 @ 10'' Penetration Nipple Kits,1 @ 8'' Penetration Nipple Kit, 1 @ 4'' Penetration Nipple Kit, Ladder with Osha Safety Cage and Side Roof Inspection Platform.

  • Contain Frac Water Tanks / Open Top
  • Durable 40-60 Mil Black EnviroLiner
  • 12'' Outlet Kit
  • Inline Heating Systems
  • Pumping and Discharge Systems

Project: Fire Suppression Tank for new Fire Hall
Location: Defuniak Springs, Florida.

NFPA 22 Fire Protection Tank.

Contain CGS Model 1504 - 19,184 Gallons including: Osha Cage, Wall Ladder & 6" Anti Vortex Penetration Kit.

Contain Water Systems Inc.specializes in NFPA 22 Fire Protection Water Storage Tanks. We work with several municipalities and fire stations around the country providing fire protection tank solutions. Seen in this project study is a model 1504 Contain CGS Water Storage Tank designed to meet Florida Fire Protection and NFPA 22 standards.

Contain CGS Fire Suppression Water Tanks create peace of mind with a full time available water source in the event of a building fire potentially reducing insurance claims and insurance costs in some municipalities.

St. Luke's Church, Cypress Mill, TX

  • 2 Contain CGSR Model 2702 Water Storage Tanks 62,156 Total combined US Gallons
  • Durable 25 Mil Black PVC Liners
  • 2'' Outlet Kits with 2'' Ball Valves
  • 4" Inlet Assembly Kits
  • Side Roof Inspection Hatches

Seattle Tunnel Project (STP) Seattle, Washington

Pen West Lease, British ColumbiaFrac Water Tank

Project: PennWest Lease
Location: British Columbia, Canada

Frac Water Tanks

2 Contain Frac Water Tanks 1.3 million Gallons each.

Frac Water Tanks

Previous Projects

Contain Water Systems Inc. works hard to stay on the leading edge of industry standards and compliments itself on providing start to finish customer service on each and every CGS and CGSR Water Tank Project.
Seen in this project profile are 2 Contain CGSR Model 2702 Wild Fire Storage Tanks. These tanks have 4' 'inlets and 2'' outlets. This project holds a total storage capacity of 62,156 US Gallons.
These Contain CGSR 2702 Water Storage Tanks / Wild Fire Protection Tanks are a great example of a good looking fire protection / water storage system that will last the test of time.

Contain Water Systems Inc.specializes in Frac Water and Open Top Water Storage Tanks. Seen in this case study PennWest Oil Company is storing a combined total of 2.6 million gallons of water for frac operations. One tank is used for clean water before it goes in the hole and the other tank is used for frac water "dirty water" that is then treated and redistributed back into the hole. These frac water tanks save companies tens of thousands of dollars because of there functionality and ability to be reused and moved from site to site.

Rural Water

NFPA 22 Tanks

Fire Protection Water Storage Systems 

Project: St. Luke's Church

Location: Cypress mill, TX

Application: 2 Contain CGSR Model 2702 Water and Wild Fire Storage Tanks.

System: 2 Contain CGSR Model 2702 - 62,156 Gallons total including: 2'' Bulkhead Assemblies, 2'' Ball Valves, 4" Bulkhead Assemblies, 4" Overflows, Roof Ladders and Side Roof Inspection Hatches.

Defuniak Springs, Florida NFPA 22 Tank Project

Installed at the Seattle Tunnel Project construction site to be used as a water cooling tank for the drill used to drill the underground freeway tunnel.  This project holds a total storage capacity of 371,737 US Gallons.

Seen in this project profile is a Model # 6604 Contain CGS Open Top Water Storage Tank with

  • (3) 10'' Penetration Nipple Flanges 
                - 10'' Outlet Kit with Anti Vortex Assembly
                - 10'' Low End Pressure Inlet Kit
                - 10'' Overflow​
  • 1 @ 4'' Penetration Nipple Flange
                    - 4'' Water Pressure Outlet Kit
  • 1 @ 8'' Outlet to Underground Storage
  • Wall Ladder with OSHA Safety Cage and Inspection Platform